Delicious food is readily available at Waterbury’s strictly kosher restaurants.


When it comes to ice cream, we nail it. Our shoppes have every kind of ice cream treat you can imagine: soft ice cream, scooped flavors, toppings, shakes, Sundae Dashers, take-home treats, and our famous ice cream cakes. Everything is made fresh, so no matter what kind of treat or design you want, we make it happen.

700 Watertown Ave. Waterbury, CT 06708


Kosher World

Waterbury Kosher World is your local Grocery, Pizzeria, Deli and Caterer under one roof. We feature all your grocery and takeout needs with the addition of a delicious sit-down pizzeria. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and competitive prices with a smile!

701 Cooke St. Waterbury, CT 06710


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