Choose your minyan from a variety of locations to suit your needs.

B’nai Shalom

B’nei Shalom is proud of its many shiurim, vaadim and programs that continue to infuse the Kehilla with Torah and Yiras Shamayim. There are many daily shiurim including Daf Yomi and Shulchan Aruch. There are morning and evening learning programs as well as a Sunday morning Mabit Shiur and breakfast.

135 Roseland Ave
Waterbury, CT 06710


Yeshiva Ateres Shmuel of Waterbury

Under the leadership of its Rosh Hayeshiva, Rabbi Ahron Kaufman, Waterbury has demonstrated that every single young adult has the ability to attain the highest levels of scholarship and personal character if only they be given the chance to believe in themselves.

47 Buckingham Street
Waterbury, CT 06710


Ahavas Yisroel of Waterbury/ The Shteible

A beautiful makom torah and tefillah full of life and warmth, with a spirit that welcomes anyone who walks through its doors. Rabbi Ari Farkas leads this kehillah as they strive to grow and incorporate ruchnius into their daily lives.

67 Columbia Blvd.
Waterbury, CT 06710

The Avalon Shul

The Shul is always open for learning with a full Beis Medrash of Seforim.

124 Avalon Cir
Waterbury, CT 06710


Congregation Shaarei Tefillah

AKA the Blue Ridge shul – a welcoming place for anyone to daven, and especially convenient for those living in Blue Ridge.

70 Blue Ridge Drive
Waterbury, CT 06704

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