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Welcome to Waterbury, CT

One of the most important decisions of a person’s life is where to live. When making such a decision, there are so many factors to consider: schools, shuls, yeshivas, and employment opportunities. And beyond all that, we look for a community that will be warm and welcoming, nourishing and torahdik. Baruch Hashem such a place exists. In Waterbury, CT, you will find all you are looking for in a community and more.

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Why people love living in waterbury

A beautiful setting

“The torah community here in Waterbury, surrounding the Yeshiva, is a place of sincere growth and ruchnius in a beautiful setting, conducive to such aliyah. It’s so wonderful to see erliche bnei torah, themselves such an integral part of the community, who are looking to expand and include within it many more bnei torah.”

Rabbi Chaim Cohen
Rosh Kollel, Yeshiva

The perfect location

Waterbury is conveniently located within driving distance of many other Jewish communities in the tri-state area. The serene atmosphere in Waterbury is the perfect setting for a Jewish community. Not too far, yet not too close either. The city of Waterbury offers a juxtaposition of thriving city life and tranquil suburban living.

"It's a beautiful neighborhood — the menuchas hanefesh that a person has is unbelievable. When Reb Yeruchum Olshin came here to give a shiur... he said to me that a person can learn better and raise his family better in a place where he has menuchas hanefesh and harchavas hadas.”
Rav Baruch Yehudah Rabinowitz
Blue Ridge Rosh Kollel

What's Doing in Waterbury

Waterbury - a Torah true neighborhood where all community members can grow and prosper.

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