Masmid Govoha New England Banquet

Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury hosted the Masmid Govoha New England Banquet on the evening of June 13th. Boys joined from Providence Hebrew Day School and Torah Academy of Boston. This banquet was sponsored by Masmid Govoha in honor of all those boys From Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island who excelled in their program.

Rabbi Yehuda Brecher, Menahel of Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury introduced this evening while the boys enjoyed a fleishig supper. One boy from each of the three yeshivos who attended, enhanced the seuda with divrei torah. This was followed by a very nice program which all the boys enjoyed.

There was a raffle for a 52 volume Tanach and other prizes as the boys enjoyed additional prizes and dessert. The boys from all over New England went home with a renewed commitment for limud hatorah!

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